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Today is not a good day.  Alone and lost I find my self yet again.  Cast out of society as discarded feces.  Ok maybe it’s not that bad but living with bipolar and other mental health issues, it sure seems that way more often than not.  In the mail today I received a packet from SSDI Administration, its time for a review of my disability.  After 6 years, I guess its time for one.  But it has put me in a downward spiral and I am terrified.

Never wanting to be on disability in the first place, I had no other choice.  I could and still can not perform as a “normal” person in any type of social or work environment.  I never really cared, I pushed myself through everything.  Until one day when everything and everyone around me disappeared.  Pretty much forced by my doctor and lawyer to get on SSDI, I fought the battle to do so.  Even though I did win the case.  I have always felt as though I lost the battle.


After all I lost my ability to be free, to be independent to provide for myself as I had since I was 13.

Over the past 6 years I have had to learn, life has nothing to do with fairness.  Sometimes your dealt a bad hand.  That hand I have been trying to turn around.  Having the chance to rediscover my passion in photography.  I was afforded the time to learn, try and prefect my skills.  As well  have built a vision around my passion.  One that would allow me to be free and independent again.  But living on SSDI it has been a real struggle.  As I can barely afford to live.  I want so bad to allow my passion to provide for me a way of life.  But I need the financial means to actually start a business.  Currently I can not afford transportation to go shoot for clients.  Nor can I obtain the gear I truly need to produce work people are willing to pay for.


Now I am facing the review and I am ready to jump.  If only I had one person that believed in me.  That one person willing to help me actually rebuild my life.  Photography not only is my passion and therapy.  But photography will afford me to work with in an environment that my disabilities will not hinder me from achieving a pay check that I actually earned.


Will you please consider supporting my opportunity to unlock the prison that mental issues has enslaved me too?


I am writing to inform you of a struggling artist. A 36 year old man that struggles with Bi-Polar, and other mental disorders. After being on his own since the age of 14 more or less. Working hard always taking great pride in what he did. Was forced out of the work force around the age of 25-26 for various reasons. After taking a year or two to try and adjust, regroup and move on with life. I was directed by my doctors and legal counsel to seek SSDI disability. As life had proven to much to maintain a normal life. After a few years, I have pursued my passion in life. Photography. More that just an art from, for me it is therapy. I have been searching and working very hard at building a life around it. Only to find, I have no resources to do so. No programs to help someone like me to venture into owing my own business that will allow me to provide for myself. As well allow me to work on my own schedule. I am desperately seeking help to obtain start up and working capital. With little to no friends, and no family. I have no one to reach out to, as well my social media accounts, do not have enough followers to get my work out.

Well you think about that, how about you Ignite my passion to burn a lifetime. Yes I am serious. You see, I have a burning desire to succeed in life. At 36 years old, I have come to the understanding or more so the acceptance that I have mad mistakes in my own life. Many of which will follow me till the end of time. Others already have passed. All have and will continue to teach me lessons, that will enable me to grow as a person.

If you have every visited my site before welcome back, if this is your first time. Check it all out. Yep its a little messy, lots of reading and creativity everywhere.

The base’s of my site is to display my talent, my thoughts and my dreams. However there is so much more than just that. As you read through my blog, and check out my work. One thing is certain, I will continue to grow. I will continue to pursue my goals and dreams.

It may happen today, or it may take a lifetime. But it will happen. What will happen? My work and vision will be shared with the world. You see so many people today are labelled as disabled. But what does that really mean any more? In a point in time when it is common practice to sit idle waiting for someone else to provide. I stand alone. I stand tall. I will provide for my self. Currently I am on disability. Not crazy about it. First it does not afford any kind of life, second it only enforces the negative in life. Instead we should be highlighting the positive.

For me my talent, and passion for photography highlights what I can do. The interaction between people, life and the environment in which we live. Honestly, with out my lens in front of me, I am terrible to be around. My camera opens up the world for me, allows me to be myself. It gives me pride and accomplishment when I am able to capture and create a master piece.

As I could write for hours, I will keep this brief. I need your support, your support in order to actually get my footing. To be able to create a life and life style that will enable me to shed the label of disabled. To give me the chance to support my self. I have 3 goals, the first, $25,000.00 will cover the basics and get the ball rolling. The second is $150,000.00 which will cover all the legal, heavy gear, location, and the security to operate for 2 years to generate my own income. The third and final goal of $300,000.00 will allow me to expand, taking my vision to a whole new level. Providing me the resources to open a state of the art studio, in which I can employ, cater to and bring in talent and help foster someone else’s dreams. As all great ideas have so much more that go into them. The details are set, however I choose not to disclose them. As it has hindered my growth in past endeavours. So check me out, and click on that pesky little donate button and help Ignite my future today.

Thank You



What Is Mental?


Today is not a good day.  Alone and lost I find my self yet again.  Cast out of society as discarded feces.  Ok maybe it’s not that bad but living with bipolar and other mental health issues, it sure seems that way more often than not.  In the mail today I received a packet from SSDI Administration, its time for a review of my disability.  After 6 years, I guess its time for one.  But it has…

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Hey I am going to ask something that I am not sure I will get a real answer to. Before I do, I am 36 years old my life has had its share of hard times. Been on my own since I was 15, lived in 3 states. Always worked my ass off. Had a family of my own, but things fell apart in a bad way. Slowly rebuilt my self esteem. Ended up and currently on SSDI/Disability. Not exactly the life I wanted, and no I am no happy sitting idle waiting for old age. My passion is in photography, I am unique in what I like to shoot and how I process my work. Not interested in picking up the normal market of consumer clients. More interested in commissioned works and selling pieces I create on my own accord. I have have tried for the past few years to really get my self going. I have a website, probably with to much content. I make just enough each month to pay rent, buy food and cover the bare essentials in life. My gear I obtained by saving where I can and it was purchased used. I have no credit and can not get any. Funding seems very hard to find for artist and disabled people. I spent two years working with one of the VP’s of Chase Bank, he was really trying to help me get the funding I need to really make my vision happen. Sadly he was unable to help in the end. I can not afford to advertise, and have used every source of free advertising I can. With no family and no real friends to invest, I have no where to turn. My vision is very special to me just as each one of us has a dream that we want to happen. My vision will enable me to support my self, build a life my son’s can some day be proud of me for. As well it will allow me to put a few people to work and help others in my current position. I am asking if you could please check out my website, read some of my vision and share it in your circles. I know some place in the world there is someone willing to work with me to make this happen. But where I am now, I can not seem to see that person. So I hope that you can help us reach one another.

Thank you very much.

Philip A. Swiderski Jr